Papua New Guinea - Sigri Coffee Estate - Oceana Coffee 2022

Papua New Guinea - Sigri Coffee Estate

Papua New Guinea - Sigri Coffee Estate

Papua New Guinea is located in the warm tropical climate of the southeastern hemisphere. This area has always been ripe with diverse plant species and varying terrain going from sea level to mountains stretching to the clouds. 

These combinations of varying terrain, dense vegetation and a natural abundance of resources over thousands of years have created the deeply fertile area named Wahgi Valley.

The Sigri Coffee Estate is located in the Waghi Valley, a fertile region of the western highlands and Jikawa Province of Papua New Guinea. It is a part of the Carpenter Estates, a collection of three farms which span over 3000 hectares of coffee and tea. The 125-acre Sigri estate stands at 1,500 MASL and uses precisely managed shade trees to promote even coffee ripening, improved quality, and diversified wildlife habitat. The estate and those nearby are home to some 90 various species of birds, resulting in being awarded “bird-friendly” status.

Commercial coffee production began on the island beginning in the 1920’s with some of the first beans to be imported being Jamaican Blue Mountain beans these same beans are the ones used by current day farmers of Papua New Guinea. Using their techniques, expertise and knowledge of the land and how to care for it to create the coffee at today's Sigri Coffee Estates. Spanning 300 hectares at nearly 5000 ft above sea level producing some of the worlds best green coffee beans. 

The quality of coffee produced is representative of the unique factors that go into its production. The coffees planted at Sigiri Estate are all of Typica origin, originating from seeds of the Jamaica Blue Mountain variety planted here many years ago. Following strict quality control measures, the coffee is wet-processed throughout a three-day fermentation process and then sun-dried for 10 to 14 days. After hulling, the coffees are sorted using both color sorting machines and hand-sorting to ensure consistency and quality. The end result of this rigorous quality control is a uniquely complex coffee truly reminiscent of PNG. 

Following this intense scrutiny of the coffee and the sample roasting of each batch the green beans are shipped out, some of which end up in Tequesta, Florida at Oceana Coffee Roasters. Our master roaster and co-founder Scotty Angelo creates a roast profile that highlights the unique flavors hidden within these beans which results in the final cup as medium-bodied, layered with tropical fruits and soft lemon acidity that finishes with milk chocolate and spice notes.

This passport roast is perfect for pour overs,  french press or espresso. The result of this rigorous growing and fermenting process followed by small batch roasting, ensures that every drop of our Papua New Guinea coffee is guaranteed to provide a delicious, well balanced cup of fresh roasted beans by Oceana Coffee.


Farm: Sigri Coffee Estate

Region: Waghi Valley, Jiawaka Province

Processing type: Washed

Variety: Typica, Arusha, Caribbean Blue, Catimor, Maragogype

Altitude: 1,550 meters above sea level

 (Papua New Guinea- The Wild West of Coffee Production, 2019)

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