How Oceana Coffee came to life!

Established in 2009 by Amy and Scott Angelo, Oceana Coffee Roasters company is one of the original Florida coffee roasters, they roast many single origin coffees from around the world. All of our specialty, fair trade and organic coffees are roasted in small batches at the Oceana Coffee Roasting House and Café in Tequesta.

Scott had never really planned on becoming a coffee roaster in Florida or anywhere really – he just wanted a decent cup of joe. After moving to Jupiter, Florida, with his wife Amy, he discovered there way no local coffee companies that roasted coffee or that served the style of fresh roasted coffee that he was accustomed to, so he decided to try roasting his own.

He bought a $35 popcorn maker from eBay and converted it into a coffee roaster machine. The resulting fresh roasted coffee was a resounding success, not just with Scotty but with his wife Amy and their friends and family as well! Scotty realized he was onto something and began experimenting with his coffee roaster, roasting bigger and better batches of whole bean coffee. And so Oceana Coffee Roasters company was born.

Our signature style of roasted coffee remains Scotty’s favorite: a medium-roasted  coffee, whether it is an Organic coffee, shade grown coffee or direct trade coffee from the farmers we now buy from, each roasted coffee has to retain the natural fruit notes and origin characteristics, while being distinctively smooth and flavorful. Unlike other coffee shops which brew packaged, mass-produced coffee, Oceana Coffee company roasts all our coffee in small batches for our customers to buy coffee online or enjoy fresh coffee in our coffee shops!

We obsess over every detail of the process, from sourcing the best coffee beans in the world to perfecting how we roast coffee and to how our fresh coffee is poured, in order to ensure that every cup of coffee is as rich and resonant as it should be. At Oceana Coffee Roasters, we believe that a good cup of coffee is a luxury that everyone can enjoy whether your favorite is Sumatra coffee, Costa Rica coffee or one of our other varieties of whole bean coffee or ground coffee.

  • “Oceana Coffee excels because it was founded on a selfish passion for great coffee, and our love of this area—as well as our joy in sharing the subtleties of specialty coffees with our customers.” “Our travels offered us the opportunity to eat and drink the best foods, wines, and coffees in the world.”

    When the Angelos made Palm Beach County their home, they began another journey —  the endless search for coffee that replicated the smooth flavor and subtle undertones they’d enjoyed with the best coffees in the world. Disappointed at the lack of local coffee roasters and organic coffee near them, Scott ordered some craft-roasted coffee online. And the rest, as they say, is history. It wasn’t long before Scott and Amy were studying green coffee beans, where fair trade coffee is grown, how the best coffee beans are harvested, and how they are sold and shipped.

  • “We began roasting a quarter cup of coffee at a time.”

    Beginning to roast coffee beans with a popcorn popper in the kitchen, moving to a gas grill in the garage, and, finally, mastering the “green monster” in the Roasting House, Scott and Amy perfected their skills as coffee roasters. The couple opened their first coffee shop, committed to sharing the subtleties of their carefully roasted coffee with others.

    Oceana Coffee Roasters now has two locations in Palm Beach County, Florida.  They have expanded their coffee selection to Sumatra coffee, Costa Rica coffee, Guatemala, Ethiopian coffee and many more coffee varieties. Coffee-lovers can select from whole bean coffee, fresh ground coffee, organic coffee, direct trade coffee, K-Cup coffee and even order coffee beans online with a coffee subscription.

    And while Oceana Coffee Roasters has grown, the core of what we do and how we roast our coffees will never change.