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Oceana Coffee Roasters Takes Third Place in America’s Best Espresso Competition

At Oceana Coffee Roasters, we pride ourselves on the quality of our small-batch coffees and wholesale business. We are thrilled to announce that we took third place in Coffee Fest’s annual America’s Best Espresso Competition, held in New York in 2019.

About the Competition

The on-site competition pitted us against some of the top names in coffee in the United States. Each competitor was provided with identical, equally calibrated espresso machines, grinders, and demitasse cups, though we were also permitted to use our own grinders during competition. In each head-to-head competitive round, we had just 10 minutes to prepare three espresso shots for the judges. To say it was an intense experience would be an understatement!

About Us

When we started Oceana Coffee Roasters in 2009, we had just a $35 popcorn machine and big dreams. Since the beginning, our focus has been on high-quality, small-batch coffees, which proved to be a winning recipe. We were blessed with rapid growth, and today we have two locations in Palm Beach County, FL, along with our online sales business.

We are always on the hunt for the best coffees around the globe, and we pay strict attention to not only the growing and harvesting processes, but also the companies’ sales and shipping practices. Throughout our small-batch roasting process, we are careful to retain the coffee’s original characteristics.

We are excited about everything we have achieved, and we feel incredibly proud to have shown the world who we are and what we do in the America’s Best Espresso Competition.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are in the market for single origin specialty coffee from a small-batch roaster you can trust, contact Oceana Coffee Roasters today at (561) 401-2453 to learn more or order your coffee.

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