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National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day: Maybe you had never heard of it until now. 

Origins of National Coffee Day

National Coffee day is a tradition that started a mere four years ago. The international coffee community finally realized this magical bean deserved a special day in its honor. As a result, we have a global effort of celebration and a very special day to add to our calendars in September, September 29th!

Although the official tradition of National Coffee Day began only a few years ago, legend has it that the origins of coffee trace back to the 9th century in Ethiopia. A goatherd by the name of Kaldi is said to have found his goats dancing in the forest after nibbling a curious red cherry. Kaldi tested one and noticed how it gave him a unique energy. He brought some seeds to a nearby monastery where a disapproving monk threw them into the fire. The aroma of the "roasting" beans however, was irresistible, and they raked the remains from the fire, ground them up, and dissolved them into the first cup of coffee. Fast forward twelve centuries, and coffee is the third most imported and exported commodity in the world, and for good reason. Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate with Oceana Coffee this coming September 29th.

Ways to Celebrate

  1. Come in to enjoy buy-one-get-one coffee! 

No VIP card necessary, no coupon code--you just get your second (less expensive) coffee for free! Double-fist it or treat a friend to a tasty drink. 

  1. Get some new equipment to up your home-brewing game

At Oceana we offer a lot of coffee equipment for purchase. French press, pour over cones, filters, Toddy Cold Brew, even an espresso machine- at Oceana Coffee we stock the Calphalon Temp IQ. Already have those? Maybe it's time to purchase a new grinder? Check out our blog on grinders and which ones are best.

3. Try a sample pack of Oceana Coffee and experience new flavors.

Get Social with us

Oceana Coffee can support you in growing in your coffee knowledge. Come in today and don't be shy with your questions! If you can't join us in person, join us live each Saturday on Facebook and Instagram to ask our roaster and coffee expert, Scotty Angelo.

We think there's a lot to celebrate; come join us on September 29th!

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