Cup of Kindness™ at Oceana Coffee - Oceana Coffee 2022

Cup of Kindness™ at Oceana Coffee

Supporting the local community is integral to our mission at Oceana Coffee.  Being a local business ourselves, we've been so grateful for how our community has supported us on the daily for our ten plus years of operation. As an effort to support others in our community, we started a program called A Cup of Kindness

Every quarter, based on our customers' votes, we make a charitable contribution of $500 to one of three charities. With each cup of coffee you purchase at our different locations, you can cast your vote for your preferred charity. Here's a look at what each organization is all about and what that donation would be going toward:


Loggerhead Marine Life Center

This center works toward sea turtle and ocean conservation. This includes actively giving treatment to turtles (50-60 juvenile/adult turtles and 1,000 hatchlings per year!) in an effort to rehabilitate and release them as soon as they are medically cleared. The center is home to one of the longest running sea turtle monitoring programs in Florida. They monitor 9.5 miles of beach from northern Palm Beach County to John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. In addition to their work directly with threatened and endangered turtles, they host regular beach cleanups and provide countless educational resources.




Arc of Palm Beach

Started in 1958, Arc is an organization committed to changing the conversation around disabilities. They provide resources to empower individuals with developmental disabilities at all phases of life: in-home services to families with children under 5 who demonstrate developmental delays, day camps for social opportunities for children ages 5-17, field trips, workshops, career transition programs, and group homes for individuals aged anywhere from 22-82. Arc aims to provide comprehensive care for people with disabilities along with their families. 



MyClinic aims to provide medical care for uninsured individuals with limited financial resources. It functions as a Primary Care doctors' office, offering behavioral health care, primary general care, and specialty care as available. They serve all of Palm Beach County and are working to provide high quality health services from licensed medical professionals.




Thank you for investing in your local community and continuing to be a support to so many, especially in these unpredictable times.

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