B-I-Y™ | Brew it yourself | Coffee Cocktails-Siciliano - Oceana Coffee 2022

B-I-Y™ | Brew it yourself | Coffee Cocktails-Siciliano

This week we returned to our senses and added coffee to our Saturday cocktail session with the No B.S. Coffee Guy™- our very own Scotty Angelo, head roaster and co-owner and founder of Oceana Coffee in Tequesta, Florida. Town and Country magazine did a lovely piece on alcoholic coffee drinks, where they featured a delightful afternoon cocktail from Bon Appetit.   This cocktail is a nice starter to your evening. It does not have a lot of alcohol so you will have a nice warm up into the evening (think warm up like stretching or yoga, this is Florida, we would not suggest anything warm in July!) but the caffeine will help get the party started!


Shake the vermouth, amaro, coffee, and simple syrup over ice. Strain into a martini glass and top off with club soda. Garnish with and orange twist if desired.

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