A Cup of Success - Oceana Coffee 2022

A Cup of Success

When we saw this post yesterday from Els For Austism those were my exact thoughts. Sometimes it's not easy to toot your own horn but this is one story that we are very proud of at Oceana Coffee, and it is told beautifully by the team that supports Bryan, so we thought we would share.

I was not aware that there was a National Disability Employment Awareness month but we are really happy to share our story of success and how Bryan has enriched our company and our team. We are so proud of Bryan and his continued success with us and we look forward to many years to come with him on our team!
Amy Duell our General Manager at Oceana Coffee, worked with the team at Els for Autism over 2 years ago  to interview and find a good candidate for training. She has worked very closely with him over the last two years to build his skills at Oceana Coffee. We are so proud of her for also making this such a success for our team!
From the Els for Austism Facebook post:
"In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we are sharing a story that highlights a local business that has hired an adult on the spectrum,
Oceana Coffee
Amy of Oceana Coffee hired Bryan with the assistance of the Foundation's adult services team and would recommend it to other companies in a heartbeat. “Don’t be scared to try it out. Meet the individuals that are out there," Amy urged. It’s an amazing opportunity to help someone and to grow your team and your business.”
Over time, Amy has been able to increase access and opportunity for Bryan. “It has been easy to give him more responsibilities and incorporate him into other daily tasks when his K-cup job isn’t as demanding," she said. “Bryan is a huge part of our team now."
Read the full story here.....

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