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Oceana Coffee 2022

DownUnder Blend

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Start your day out the right with an amazing cup of Oceana Coffee Morning Blend. This blend is a true Aussie style cuppa!

Rich chocolate and caramel notes, this coffee goes great in any style brew method. Use it as espresso, add milk and you will experience the taste of an Australian cafe flat white.


Our Master Roaster wanted to bring a little bit more of Australia into the mix with this very typical Australian blend, hence the name "DownUnder" . If you ever get to visit Australia, you will find this blend of coffee as a staple in most great cafes around the country, served as an espresso based Flat White !

The only one way to start your day is with a great coffee, of course! So here at Oceana Coffee we built a blend for everyone, this aromatic, medium roast is sure to awaken your senses and follow with a smooth balanced body of delicious caramel, chocolate and roasted nuts style flavors.

This blend is very versatile, as it can be used for drip filter brews in the morning and lends itself very well to being served as espresso.