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Visit Ethiopia with Oceana Coffee's Passport Collection

If you're looking for a bag of coffee to bring home to brew for yourself, and you ask an Oceana barista for their suggestion, it's pretty likely they will recommend one of our Ethiopian varieties: Ethiopia Limu or Ethiopia Hambela. They are crowd-pleasers across the board, and Limu in particular is a favorite among most of our staff. 

Both are natural-processed beans, which means when the coffee cherry is picked, instead of stripping the fruit and pulp surrounding the seed (or bean), it is left on for the duration of the drying process. Therefore, natural-processed coffee beans will typically produce a sweeter and brighter cup of coffee because of the influence of the sugars from the fruit and pulp. 


The Limu variety comes from a family-owned farm in southwestern Ethiopia; their coffee tradition goes back over 60 years and has been passed down from father, Lemma Edeto, to his sons, Haile and Nigusse. This family not only grows, but processes their coffee as well. We get strong notes of blueberry as well as hints of lavender and wisteria.


The Ethiopia Hambela is part of our limited supply Passport Collection and has bold, crisp fruit flavors. Both Ethiopias have scored 94/100 with Coffee Review and have won us a number of awards in both Australia and the U.S.  As far as brewing method goes, we recommend a French press or a pour over, but these beans are truly versatile, so it is hard to go wrong with whichever brewing method you choose. So, if you are looking to branch out from your classic picks to try something exotic and sweet, look no further than our fine Ethiopia Limu and Ethiopia Hambela.

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