What Makes Oceana's Coffee So Special?

Rwanda Ibisi Mountain Coffee Farm

Rwanda, Ibisi Mountain

The Ibisi Mountain Hills Washing Station located in Southern Rwanda, a short drive from the Nyunge Forest where the source of the Nile River lies, is perched at about 2,000 meters above sea level. It services many of the small highland coffee farms in the region.

The station’s owner, Bernard Uwitije, an area local who with his family had been trading ordinary non- and semi-washed coffees, realized the potential for fully washed specialty grade, and built his first fully washed station in 2015, Gitega Hills near Nyamegabe.

Mr. Uwitije later expanded and opened his second station, Ibisi Mountain Hills, which is where our Oceana Coffee Rwanda, Ibisi Mountain is procured. The quality of coffee at both of Mr. Uwitije’s stations is outstanding.

“Every once in a while, a coffee jumps off the cupping tables,” says Oceana Coffee proprietor Scott Angelo. “This is one of those coffees. It is truly a treat.”

Guatemalan, Finca El Retiro Coffee Farm

Guatemalan, Finca El Retiro

Guatemala’s region of Ayarza is known for its nature and coffee—exceptional coffee! Harvests from this area are complex because of the ideal climate, altitude and rich volcanic soil surrounding Laguna de Ayarza, a crater lake courtesy of an eruption some 20,000 years ago.

Oceana Coffee’s Guatemalan, Finca El Retiro is procured from the farm of Victor Hugo Martinez, whose farm, El Retiro de Victor H., produces a crop that results in an extremely rich, balanced and smooth cup of coffee.

A highly experienced and accomplished coffee farmer, Mr. Martinez is a member of the Rainforest Alliance and his farm is certified by the organization. Rainforest Alliance Certification assures that his operation adheres to practices that protect workers and the environment and employ sustainable farm management to control costs, promote efficiency, improve crop quality and maintain the surrounding wildlife habitat.

“You can really taste the difference,” says Oceana Coffee proprietor Amy Angelo. “Dark chocolate, walnut, honey and a hint of fruit stand out for us in this one.”

 Sumatra, Tanah Karo FTO Coffee Farm

Sumatra, Tanah Karo FTO

Oceana Coffee’s Sumatra, Tanah Karo FTO is carefully grown by the Northern Sumatran people of the Aceh Region in Indonesia. This certified-organic, fair trade coffee is one our darker roast options yielding flavors rich in cacao, smoky nutmeg and herbs. It is a full-bodied coffee and low in acidity.

Sumatra, Tanah Karo FTO is grown typically on family-owned farms in the Takengon highlands of Aceh, which is also referred to as “Gayo Land” because of the high numbers of farmers from the Gayonese ethnic group. Many are widows who lost their husbands during periods of conflict in Aceh, and some of the families continue to rebuild following an earthquake in 2013.

“The Sumatra, Tanah Karo FTO handles a higher degree of roasting exceptionally well,” says Oceana Coffee proprietor Scott Angelo. “So it really accentuates some truly delicious tones with the extended process.”


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