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SEPT. 26, 2018. TEQUESTA, FL The world’s largest coffee roaster competition, the Golden Bean, has just concluded its North America contest, and all seven coffees that Tequesta, Florida-based roaster, retailer and wholesaler Oceana Coffee entered took medals—including a silver medal for Oceana Coffee’s Water Processed Decaf!

The 4-day Portland, Oregon, event judged over 900 coffees from more than 100 roasters throughout North America, and awarded specialty coffee company Oceana Coffee five silver medals, two bronze medals and a prestigious “Overall Runner-Up” designation.

“We’re still reeling,” says Oceana Coffee co-owner and roaster Scott Angelo. “We were up against some incredibly fine coffees and the judges saw fit to medal all seven of the coffees we entered. We’re grateful and excited!”

The Golden Bean, which originated in Australia 12 years ago before creating its North American competition four years ago, judges Espresso, Milk and Filter coffees with medals awarded in 10 categories: Espresso, Milk Based Espresso, Pour Over Filter, Organic Espresso, Single Origin Espresso, Decaffeinated (Milk Based), North American Grown (Milk Based), Franchise / Chain Store Espresso, Franchise / Chain Store Milk Based Espresso, Franchise / Chain Store Pour Over Filter.

All Coffees are judged through a blind tasting format by roasters who attend and participate in the event and conference.

The Golden Bean invites roasters to not only send in their entries but also to participate in the seminars and fun sponsored evening events. This creates a valuable opportunity for roasters to network and form alliances within the industry.

Winning Oceana Coffees at the 2018 Golden Bean North America include:

  • Babbo’s Espresso Blend: Silver Medal, Espresso Category
  • Palm Beach Espresso Blend: Silver Medal, Milk Based Category
  • San Cristobal (Costa Rican Micro Lot): Silver Medal, Pour Over Filter Category
  • Oceana Water Processed Decaf: Silver Medal, Decaffeinated Category
  • Day Break Blend: Silver Medal, Franchise/Chain Store Pour Over Filter Category
  • Ned Kelly Espresso, Bronze Medal: Franchise/Chain Store Espresso Category
  • Palm Beach Espresso Blend: Bronze Medal, Franchise/Chain Store Milk-Based Category.

Oceana Coffee procures fresh organic award-winning whole bean coffee from small family farms around the world and roasts them all here stateside in Tequesta, Florida. All of our coffees can be tasted and enjoyed at the Oceana Coffee Café on Highway 1 in Tequesta, the company’s roasting facility is also in Tequesta, Everyone can order online at

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  • Ben Huff says:

    I confess! I ‘snuck out of class and went down the hall’…to the library…and tried their coffee! Yuck! Oceanna Coffee is truly ‘In a Class all its own!’ So, “I’m sending out an S.O.S.” (60’s song – Message in a Bottle by the Police). ‘Submit Our Subscription’? Done. My advice to lovers of great coffee: Send out your own S.O.S. and get on Scott and Amy’s ‘ T.P.L’. (Teachers Pet List). Relax, enjoy the coffee and don’t worry about running out of coffee because you’ll be running out to your mailbox. If you pick up your mail at a Drop Box, or wherever, people will see the smile on your face as you crack the package and sniff the fresh roasted beans…and they will smile. You just started a ‘smile ripple’ in the pond of life! Now, go on YouTube and listen to “Ripple”, a Grateful Dead song from the 70’s, performed by Playing for Change. Nothing but the best of coffee from Oceanna Coffee and recommendations from Benny the Huff…ha, ha, ha! Relax, smile and go brew another cup of the good stuff or stop by their stores and enjoy their curbside and don’t forget to tip!

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