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You may have noticed a particular Passport Collection coffee on our shelves recently: our Ethiopia Honey Yirgacheffe Koke. Coffee Review recently scored it at a 93, and (we think), for good reason! This coffee is a naturally processed coffee, meaning the bean is dried as it is when picked from the plant; the cherry is only removed after it’s been completely dried. This is a common method, but results are sometimes unpredictable, yielding coffees that can lack clarity of flavor. Not so with the Ethiopia Koke. This one is fruit-forward with notes of dark chocolate, lemon verbena, maple syrup, and blueberry jam. It’s full-bodied with a syrupy mouthfeel.

Yirgacheffe lies in southern Ethiopia, a coffee region that is small, but one of the most revered in the country and in the world. Plants are grown at an elevation ideal for producing harder, denser beans, which lends itself to a bean with more complex sugars and more distinctive flavors. The higher elevation, climate, and natural soil conditions contribute to producing beans with sweet, delicate floral notes when wet-processed and heavier fruity tones when natural-processed.

Out of 10, these were our scores in Coffee Review’s categories:

Aroma: 9

Structure/Acidity: 8

Body: 9

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 8

Come get yourself a bag of this delicious coffee at either of our Tequesta locations! Not ready to commit to a whole bag? Have your barista prepare a pour-over or French press! This coffee will win you over one way or another.

This coffee is of a limited supply, if you are even the slightest bit curious you should secure yourself a bag today!

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  • Walter Huff says:

    Hmmm. I gotta tell you that dissa boy, he livin in the valley of great dissappointment…Ha Ha! Not really. But yew writin up sum kinda tak bout dis Ethiopia Koke…that mak me want sum! So, 2 times I try order…pow!…pow! Yew No got! Shoot me outa da sky! So. What can I do? Is possible pre-order? Waiting list? Call you at 2:00 in da nite? Call my cousin in Chicago? Nah. Yew know me betta than that. Ben be smilin alla time, right. After all is jus coffee, right? No way. Scotty he knows one bad bean can spoil de cup. I saw you pickin out de bad beans, Scotty. So, I wait…sumthing will work out and sum day I will go to my mailbox on my street and walla! There is a bag of Ethiopia Honey Yirgacheffe Koke! Im gonna open de bag and mmm…smell dem beans…grinding now…pressing hot water thru my Flair Manual Press…adding small dose of local honey and steamed milk, topped with jus a tiny sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice…and that first sip thru the foam…ahhhh, so good! Thank you Oceana Coffee and all yew beautiful people that work there!

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