It’s that time of year again ! USPS is slammed ! Please be aware that when you place your order with Oceana Coffee, we roast, bag and fill the order the same day, we then hand it over to USPS that day or the next. Once it is in the hands of USPS, there is NOTHING else Oceana Coffee can do, so please DO NOT email us the next day or even 2 days after asking where your order is…….. yes that happens to us ! We do Everything possible to get your coffee to you as fast and as FREE as possible !

Please check your ORDER is CORRECT before finalizing, especially GRIND TYPE

There will be NO exchanges, refunds or extra shipping once order is placed.

Each of our coffee has the option to choose whether or not you need your coffee ground, Please to ensure your order is correct, we will NOT be accepting anything in NOTES section.

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