We Care About Our Customers & Our Oceans

We Care About Our Customers & Our Oceans

Oceana Coffee Mug by the Ocean

South Florida is known for our sunny skies and blue seas. It’s a place we call home. It’s a place we are LUCKY enough to call home. We opened Oceana Coffee because we wanted to create high-quality coffee for our consumers, but we chose to open our first location in South Florida because of the beauty in this area.

At Oceana Coffee, we not only care about our customers but our environment too. We love our sunny skies and blue seas, and we try our best to do our part in protecting the place we call home.

Many of you may not know this, but ALL of Oceana’s plastic products, except for our plastic lids which are made from recycled content, are produced from corn and 100% compostable! We sponsor and regularly volunteer at local beach cleanups, and we encourage our customers to make environmentally friendly choices.

Hand-Picked Oceana Coffee Beans

ALL of our coffee is hand-picked and comes from small family-owned farms, who are either certified organic or use organic practices. This method of farming helps to keep soil rich and healthy with nutrients, by using methods such as composting, rotating crops, and using environmentally safe methods of pest control. Relying on these small farms supports their local economy and helps protect our planet from deforestation due to the need for mass produced coffee.

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