Passion Brewed Organically

Passion Brewed Organically


The Oceana Coffee company roasts and serves some of the best coffee in the world right here in Tequesta, Florida. All because prior to 2009, Scotty Angelo, the husband-half of Oceana Coffee proprietors Amy and Scott Angelo, couldn’t find a decent cup of coffee nearby.

So Scott, a DIY-man, set out to make himself some great-tasting coffee, roasting the raw coffee beans in a popcorn popper in his kitchen—yes really (you can read about it here)—and brewing himself what has evolved into a world class brand.

The Oceana Coffee company now procures Colombian coffee, Costa Rica coffee, Sumatra coffee, Ethiopian coffee, Guatemala coffee and more in many varieties from small family organic fair trade coffee farms located around the world. These carefully selected fresh coffee beans are brought home to the Oceana coffee roaster facility in Tequesta, roasted, prepared and packaged for both retail and wholesale, and brewed and served in various restaurants including our own Oceana Coffee Café on U.S. Hwy. 1, also in Tequesta. 

Dramatic Coffee Landscape on the Side of a Mountain

“But our quest for delicious whole bean coffee is only half the story,” says Amy Angelo, wife-half of the coffee-perfecting couple. “We care deeply about the future of our planet and its sustainability. We search for the best coffee in the world, the best coffee beans,” she says, “but never at the expense of the planet. We search for organic coffee beans. We support organic fair trade coffee producers and farmers of organic whole bean coffees.”

And you can taste the Angelos’ dual-purposed mission in every cup. Order a bag today online or stop in to the café and experience the taste, the love and the passion behind our brand. The Oceana Coffee company–a small-batch local roaster with a big passion for coffee, sustainability of the planet, and the small family farms that produce our award-winning products. 

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