Our coffee of the month, Guatemala Huehuetenango Ixlama!

Our coffee of the month, Guatemala Huehuetenango Ixlama!

At Oceana Coffee, it’s all about taste. Our coffee of the month, Guatemala Huehuetenango Ixlama, for example, yields a beautifully balanced, smooth and rich cup of coffee full of tangerine, chocolatey goodness with hints of walnut. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Into the shopping cart it goes, click, purchase, end of story, right?

Well, actually no. If you’re anything like the team at Oceana Coffee, while it IS all about taste, how a coffee acquires that taste, how it gets into your cup, and into your mouth, and sets the tone of your day, is as integral to our passion as the end result.

Oceana Coffee’s Guatemala Huehuetenango Ixlama comes from specially selected small producers, like Finca El Paternal & Finca Nueva Palmira, from the highlands of San Pedro Necta and La Libertad, both located in the state of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This shade grown coffee is harvested and brought to the mill where it is sun dried on a patio and placed in “guardiolas”. The famous mill, Concepcion Escuintla is one of the most traditional yet sophisticated mills in the world. During the coffee’s time at Concepcion, separated by size, density, and color. The result is a superior coffee with extreme complexities.

At Oceana Coffee, we first selected this region of Guatemala for its incredibly complex tasting coffees largely due to an unmatched quality of volcanic soil that surrounds a lake created by an eruption some 20,000 years ago. We then homed in on Doña Miguelina Villatoro de Mérida and her farm Finca El Paternal, for her exquisite coffee grown and processed at Finca El Paternal. She is just the type of farmer and producer of green coffees that Oceana Coffee seeks to add to its lineup.

“Starting with such an incredible coffee to begin with,” says Oceana Coffee roaster and founder Scott Angelo, an Arabica Q Grader and expert at his craft, “makes my job of roasting it here at home an absolute pleasure.”

Oceana Coffee’s Guatemalan Huehuetenango Ixlama makes a spectacular traditional brew, pour over, French press, cold brew and more. As amazing in your cup as how it got there. Order a freshly roasted bag before they’re gone.


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