New Cup of Kindness Charity Campaign

New Cup of Kindness Charity Campaign

We're rolling out our new campaign for local charities: A Cup of Kindness, where each quarter Oceana Coffee customers select one of three charities to receive a $500 donation.

The new program—whose rollout includes the slogan, “Our Beans are Big-Hearted”—involves customers at the Oceana Coffee Café in Tequesta, Florida, dropping one bean per purchase into the coffee cup of their choice sporting the logo of the organization that they would like to see receive the $500. At the end of the quarter, the bean-votes are tallied and Oceana Coffee owners Amy and Scott Angelo cut the check.

“Businesses can tend to overuse the idea of ‘giving back to the community,’” Amy says. “But when you find yourself not just in the position to be able to do so, but also feel in your heart that you want to help folks less fortunate than yourself, the way we feel, it’s what you do. It’s why we pay small-family coffee farmers as well as we do; why we buy from farms that support sustainable practices; why we take part in local charity events and fundraising efforts. It’s the way we feel, and if we can put a little money where our mouth is, we do it.”

A Cup of Kindness is just now rolling out with the full program underway very shortly. Round 1 charities are:

Els for Autism, an organization that provides life span services to help adults with Autism transition to all aspects of life including employment, independent living and recreation.

Piper’s Angels, which supports and improves the lives of  families in the cystic fibrosis community through heightened awareness and providing education, life expanding activities, and urgent financial support.

Friends of Jupiter Beach, a community organization whose mission is to support and maintain environmentally healthy, clean and dog-friendly beaches in Jupiter, Florida.

Please stop by to receive your coffee bean with any purchase and drop it into the cup of your favorite charity to help select which receives our $500 donation this quarter. Thank you!

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