At the Oceana Coffee company, we believe that a sip of coffee should be an exquisite experience. We also believe that our Colombian coffee, Ethiopian coffee, Costa Rica coffee, Sumatra coffee, Guatemala coffee and many other whole bean coffee from small, family fair trade coffee farms around the planet are among the best coffee in the world.

You see, a perfect cup of coffee starts with the whole bean procured from faraway lands and ends in the cup served here at home, between which many important steps occur. This is where Oceana Coffee company comes in. We take exceptional care with every link in the chain. Our fresh coffee beans are sourced from some of the best organic farms and single estate farms around the equator—growers of gourmet coffee beans, Arabica coffee beans, specialty green coffee and much more. After careful selection abroad, our many varieties of fresh raw coffee beans are brought home and roasted in our Tequesta, Florida, coffee bean roaster facility. The whole fresh roasted coffee beans are then carefully packaged, labeled with brewing instructions and sold—usually as fast as we can create our coveted coffees. The result is a delicious cup of the most luxurious coffee you and your customers have ever tasted.

We work with our wholesale partners to provide not simply our fine specialty roasts, but a complete coffee experience for everyone who drinks a cup or purchases a bag.