ocean wins the 2016 golden bean award

Oceana Coffee Wins !!

Compak Golden Bean North America Conclusion!


Coffee vapours drifted over Portland last week as year two of the North American Compak Golden Bean Competition took place. Over 700 coffees were entered and judged from 244 North American Roasters. The Compak Golden Bean is now the largest global coffee roasting competition with over 2000 entries in the Australian market and will be entering the UK marketplace in 2017.

This year’s overall winner was Scott and Amy Angelo from Oceana Coffee in Florida. Scott has won Gold two years in a row for his milk based coffee. This year’s gold medal for milk base helped bump his points up to be the overall champion. The overall champion is decided by the combination of the highest score in Espresso and Milk base which showcases the roasters skill in changing profiles for different brew methods. The winning milk blend was a Natural Ethiopian and farm direct Columbian.

Scott has an amazing palate and he fully understands matching coffee roasts profiles to different brew methods. His two cafes in Tequesta are a testament to his business acumen being busy all the time. Scott and Amy also won Business of the Year for North Palm Beach County after last years Compak Golden Bean medal win which helped in their submission at the local chamber business awards.